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Caliber PMS (Procurement Management System) is a solution that enables Procurement teams to manage suppliers and track all procurement activities from requisitions to receiving goods and services.


  • Track suppliers and their contacts

  • Manage the Procurement Lifecycle from the demand to getting the products/services and execute payment receipts to suppliers.

  • Enable your employees to submit requisitions.

  • Enable suppliers to register and get your approval to access the Supplier Portal.

  • Enable registered suppliers to participate in RFQs, RFPs, etc.

  • Enable registered suppliers to deal electronically with your procurement team for sending invoices and track their payment receipts and much more.

  • Support for Blanket Purchase Agreements.

  • Your procurement team can get feedback on suppliers through Supplier Evaluation Surveys.

  • Fill the gaps between your Sales Operations, Delivery, Procurement teams, and Finance Teams.

  • Built on the winning Salesforce Lightning Platform that is you can easily customize and integrate with other systems.

  • Support for Multiple Currencies.